Book in Advance & Save up to 20% at Park Plaza

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Park Plaza has is an upscale brand that has stylish guest accomodation, state of the art meeting venues, and most of all, a group of dedicated staff that help you whenever you have a problem or a need. The overall environment of Park Plaza is very friendly and of top quality. When you return from your travel, you would remember the way Park Plaza showcased the quality of service and the way the staff appreciated your presence. Park Plaza goes out of the way to keep their customers happy and really treat them as kings and queens. Park Plaza hotels are located in city centers worldwide.

One of the greatest benefit of using the services of Park Plaza when you travel is the connection and presence that Park Plaza has around the world. Operating  46 hotels throughout the world will give you sure satisfaction all the time.

Here are some great features that you will enjoy when you plan your stay with Park Plaza:


Hotel Search By Map:

You have a complete map of the places that Park plaza operates thoroughout the world. You can search for Park Plaza hotels by map of the place. You will have complete clarity on your stay and the kind of place you would stay. The maps give you a clear idea of the surroundings that you will get in when you get to a new place. You will also have an idea on what to expect from the place of stay.

View/Change Reservations:

If you go online and reserve the hotel room, you can make changes to your schedule online. You can view your existing reservations and in case of emergency or postponement of plans, you can also change the time frame of your bookings.

Search Meeting Venues

If you are a business man and you want to conduct business meetings, you can do it online. You can look for the finest meeting venues that are provided to you by Park Plaza and book the venues to suit your business need.


You have different deals that run all the time in Park Plaza. You have electronic certificates that you can use as discount coupons when you deal with some of the affiliates of Park Plaza. During different seasons, you get different offers to stay. You also have great bed and breakfast deals that run always based on your booking. If you log into the site, you can look for all the deals that Park Plaza has for the current month. Based on different upgrades, you also get additional benefits from the hotel.


If you are confused and are planning a holiday, then the website has a list of destinations that are most popular. You can check the list and select the destination that fits your budget and plan your travel accordingly.

Park Plaza is a one stop solution for all your hotel deals around the  world. Log in and find out the best deals for the season and make the season a memorable one this time.