Parallels Access 2 year subscription for only $34.99

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Access your remote desktop from your iPhone, iPad, or Android phone or tablet – stay effective anywhere.

Parallels Access was featured CNBC TV! Parallels Access is reviewed as one of the best and most user friendly programs to remotely control and acess things on your computer wirelssly from anywhere.

A new version of Parallels Access has been released by Parallels recently. This software is an app for remote access to PCs and Macs. Previously, users can only use this software on iPad, now they can install it on Android phone, tablets and iPhone as well. Coming along with the latest version are new features with better remote experience. Even now, a version for business – Parallels Access for Business – has been released for companies which need secure remote access to their computers.

Since the first release of Parallels Access in August 2013, the people who usually on the move such as patrol officers, real estate agents, insurance agents or sales professionals, can have access to work with their laptops and desktops when travelling light with their iPad. For others like business owners, they can get a neccesary file or work on an urgent project which is only available in their computer at home, with their mobile device.

Many iPad users give positive reception to Parallels Access. And now, with the popular of other types of mobile devices, the latest version of Parallels Access support Android phones and iPhone as well. Many millions users of Android and iPhone can take advantage of this solution to have remote access to their PCs and Macs simply and effectively. The users can work with their Mac and PC applications with touch gestures just like software were made for the mobile devices.

In addition to new platforms, new features are available such as:

  • Facebook login integration allows users to login with ease.
  • Launch desktop applications with a single tap on the home screen of an Android device.
  • A new file browser in the latest version of Parallels Access gives iOS users ability to browse and open files on their remote computer quickly and easily.
  • Now iPad or iPhone users can use the microphone on their mobile devices to work with the desktop applications that need microphone.
  • Screen resolution can be changed to be suiteable for different types of devices.

Availability of Parallels Access for Business Subscriptions

With Parallels Access for Business subscriptions, IT admins can centrally manage Parallels Access for their employees, such as granting or restricting access and reassigning accounts when neccesary. Business Account subscriptions start at $49.99 per year for five computers.