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Panda Gold Protection is replaced with Panda DOME PREMIUM 2019

About old versions of Panda Gold Protection

Panda Gold Protection 2016 with these extras:

  • Multi-Device Technical Support : Premium Support
  • Cross-platform data storage : Panda Cloud Drive + Contact Backup

Panda Gold Protection 2015

There are currently quite a lot of antivirus programs, programs of many companies, that meant that many find it hard to pick out a product. Sometimes some people just need the program protected with these minimum functions to protect their computers from viruses. But there are others who will have higher requirements, with more advanced features to protect their computers, as well as the data stored in the computer and information is exchanged on the Web.

When you use multiple devices at the same time, you will need a program to protect all the devices. Panda Gold Protection 2015 can help you protect your computer, Mac or devices using Android.

You need a program to manage computer diúp protection of personal information, the internet activities of your family members, especially children. Panda Gold Protection 2015 to help protect your child from inappropriate information on the internet.

If you are a person who is usually working on the computer, you need your machine in the best condition, runs smooth as possible. Sometimes the data that your job should be secure when stored on your computer or when you make the sharing of that information with your friends, colleagues or your business partners.

But no one can guarantee your machine has to be protected in the best conditions. In case your computer crashes while using the security program, you will need to go to the technical support from the technology staff, or the tips and useful advice from security experts.

From the demand so high you can weigh up to security software product as Panda Gold Protection 2015.

Panda Gold Protection 2015 has all the features of Panda Global Protection 2015 with these extras :

  • Digital Life Sharing Protection
  • VIP Services – 24×7 VIP tech support