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Ocster Backup Pro 8 uses a very unique  technology that allows the software to create much smaller image backups than any other software solution in the industry. The software uses a technology called Infinite Reverse Incremental Backup that enables the program to give you this amazing feature.

Here are few amazing features of Ocster Backup Pro 8:

Very easy to use

One of the major reasons to use a software is to make life simple. Using a complicated software makes things difficult and chaotic. However, the Ocster Backup is a software that is really simple to use. You need not have any technical knowledge to use the software. Everything in the software is easy to understand. Every option is being explained to you directly on the screen. You get all the necessary information that you need to understand a particular option. All the technical details are managed by the software and you don’t get to see the complex methods used by the software. You have the simple and easy to understand screen that allows you to do all your work in simple clicks. For every important application, you get a ready made backup option in the software.

Keeps your computer free to use:

Though the software is doing the complicated tasks, you are not disturbed in the process. It does not disturb you in any of your work. All the backup tasks are done in the background without any hindrance to the tasks in the foreground. The beauty of the software is its easy to use interface. It lets you pause the backups any time you want. You can pause the backup task and even if you reboot the system, the software resumes the task from the time of the interruption. Another great thing about the software is its intuitive system that detects the need for the full power of your computer and it automatically pauses the backup process to give you the power you need to do your task.


The software gives you incredible flexibility in the usage. The backup process is very flexible. You can choose any part of your computer for the backup. You can choose an individual partition or a whole computer to be backed up.  You also have the flexibility to take backup of files and folders with different popular storage formats. Another great advantage of the Ocster Backup Pro 8 is its capability to keep your older versions of the data in the same format. You can always get back the data in the same format and version you stored the data in. The software creates as many backups as you want. You can do advance scheduling to create backup for your important data.

Easy Restore

You get easy to restore options with the software. You can restore files and folders individually. You can also restore either full or partitions of your drive. You also get a bootable rescue system that comes handy when your computer won’t start.

The Ocster Backup Pro 8 has many more advanced features that will make your data backup simple and easy. The software is compatible with all the Windows based operating systems.