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Nuance OmniPage Ultimate helps convert papers, PDF files and forms into documents for your needs. Nuance OmniPage Ultimate has good accuracy and support for almost scanners. No doubt, this software can maximize productivity!

OmniPage Professional 18

OmniPage Professional 18 is an intelligent character recognition software which saves valuable time and energy by minimizing the need to retype documents.  It uses powerful algorithms to ensure that documents are converted into new formats as accurately as possible. It maintains accuracy even in matching fonts, size and formatting and background color of the documents so they can look as close to the original as possible. It has also superior page analysis so even spreadsheets and tables maintain their data and formatting. Image files such as TIF can be converted to editable PDF documents that can be recognized by other PC applications. The OmniPage Professional 18 includes adjustable settings for image resolution, and control for speed and accuracy. It can also display questionable words according to the context for easier corrections. The OmniPage Professional 18 also has audio book publishing so text documents can be stored in cleared and natural sounding .wav files.

OmniPage 18

Omni Page 18 is an innovative optical character recognition (OCR) software designed to convert PDF, paper files and even digital images into files or documents that can be opened and edited in various computer applications. Supporting a wide range of available formats like PDF, MS Word, Excel, HTML and Corel, it can quickly process electronic documents to include the graphics, tables and columns with optimum accuracy. The OmniPage 18 includes pre-programmed workflows to better assist users in converting files from one format to another. The Nuance Cloud Connector is a new feature that enables cloud-based storage through different online storage sites. It also has automatic language detection and recognizes up to 120 languages including Greek, Latin, Chinese and Japanese. It now has better recognition of blank pages to which automatically adjusts and drops the blank pages. The OmniPage 18 also includes the eDiscovery Assistant which can convert a single PDF or multiple PDFs into searchable documents.