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Dragon for Mac will be replacing Dragon Dictate for Mac

Nuance Dragon Dictate for Mac has more powerful transcription, more control, more accurate and faster.

Dragon Dictate for Mac: Great for People On the Go

It is the goal of any business to invest in software and programs that will help in making the production process faster and more efficient. This will result in more income and profits for the business, and ultimately lead to company progress. In this regard, among the tools that a lot of businesses invest in nowadays are the voice technology applications. One of which is the Dragon Dictate for Mac.

Reliable speech recognition software

This program is one of the most sought after speech recognition software today. Through the Dragon Dictate, anyone can use his or her voice for creating and editing text, or interacting and using various Mac applications. But do not be deceived because this software is way more than your usual speech-to-text solutions. It lets you do so much more.

The things you can do with Dragon Dictate

The Dragon Dictate for Mac allows you to make your own documents and edit them, manage your electronic mail, surf the World Wide Web, and update your accounts in various social networking sites among others. More than that, you can do all these tasks quickly but with precision—all with just the use of your voice for commands. You can even create your very own personalized voice commands for various applications and purposes.

So essentially, this software is the perfect buddy for the people who are always on the go.  In fact, you can even use any digital voice recorder which is approved by the company in order to capture audio files in high quality. Hence, this device will work for you anytime and anywhere you need it.

Fast, accurate and stress-free

Lastly, the Dragon Dictate for Mac has 99% accuracy for speech recognition. Hence, you do not have to stress over repetitions. You just have to say the words and they will automatically appear on the monitor of your computer. This is three times faster compared to typing the words. You can also make revisions just as quickly.