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Norton Utilities

Norton has made Norton Utilities, software that would lead to a faster PC. It is so that even an old PC can run as good as a new one, fixes all those common PC problems and repairs hard drive problems you are bound to encounter sooner or later.

Norton Utilities is highly beneficial since it fixes issues they find in Microsoft Windows and help prevent further problems such as PC crashes, slowdowns and crashes. It also constantly monitors your PC for any potential harm that could be fatal to your PC. Your online activities are even kept private so any personal information can be prevented from stolen.

There are lots of exclusive features, such as the Duplicate File Finder; you can free up the unnecessary disk space taken up by accidental duplicates. A System Dashboard and Application Uninstaller are also present in the software. The trademark Speed Disk brings together and optimizes any files and/or that are scattered in your hard drive.

The Disk Doctor alerts you of any problems, and the Disk Cleaner erases any record and web activities to protect privacy. There is also the Registry Cleaner that helps eliminate any problems that could possibly slow down your PC. The Registry Defragmenter free space, remove gaps and corrupt files and compact them to free up the system memory, thus increasing the PC’s start up time.

Norton Utilities also has a Registry Restore, Smart Updates, Startup Manager, Service Manager, and the trademark UnErase Wizard that lets you quickly get back any files that you accidentally deleted, as they can still be retrieved from the hard drive.

Norton Utilities definitely has a lot of features packed up into one small package. This software used to upgrade and improve your PC’s performance is definitely worth the money, especially if you do not want to give up on your 5-year old PC that seems to crash every hour.