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Norton Small Business

Norton Small Business is probably the most ambitious yet well-rounded program Symantec has created for its thousands of users. The company has been in the tech world for almost a decade – revamping its line of products aimed for small businesses. Unfortunately, none of these products have become as innovative as Norton Small Business. The latter has been geared to keep up with the trends. In other words, it is developed for the 21st century business world.


  1. Easy to organize devices – If you just hired a new employee in your business, Norton will help you make device organization easier. You can purchase online business seats at a prorated price. If you replaced your old computer with a new one, you can reclaim seats that are unused and use them for protection of extra devices.
  2. Easy to invite business colleagues – With Norton Small Business, you don’t need to take the effort of counting the number of devices of all your employees. The program comes with an e-invitation feature in which employees will be directed to a step-by-step procedure on how to install security in their devices.
  3. Easy to install – It only takes five minutes to install Norton Small Business in your PC or tablet. Upon installation, you’ll be given the option of customizing your business preferences, changing your billing information, renewing your subscription (applies to old Symantec users) and acquiring more security for your devices.
  4. Comes with a free guided setup – Aside from its capability to secure all your devices fast, the program also comes with a guided setup in which you can keep track of your employees’ performance anytime, anywhere!

Just recently, Symantec came up with an online-based console which is beneficial for managing IT-based transactions. This is a big deal for Norton Small Business because it can send email invites (and updates) to potential employees in just a matter of seconds.

For Macbook and iPad users, Norton’s features are limited due to Apple’s unyielding control in many of its products. Because of this, some Symantec users got disappointed with how the program turned out. To address this issue, Apple incorporated minimal features into the iOS platform, including the “scream alarm” which allows small business owners to locate any missing device/s from their employees.

Final Verdict

Norton Small Business has everything you’re looking for in an online business tool. Its one-year subscription is guaranteed to keep your business deals flowing.