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Norton Security Standard is a basic anti-virus program which searches through your computer, targets programs which can be harmful, and gets rid of them. Anyone who spends time online needs to make sure their computer is protected. Norton is here to deliver protection at a bargain.

Norton Security Standard

Product Intro

Norton Antivirus has been around for quite some time. Well it seems that the age old program is making a startling comeback in 2015. The Norton Security package will protect your computer now better than ever, without confusing anyone in the process. The controls and user interface have simplified amazingly over the years. For those unfamiliar with Norton Security, it is a program package designed to protect your computer from viruses and identity thieves. The standard package is the cheapest available from Norton and offers the basics for an affordable price.


The Standard package comes with these basic features:

  • Defense against viruses, spyware, malware and other online threats

Norton Security offers top notch defense against the darker places of the internet by detecting viruses and any other threats to your home computer. In the past these virus
“definitions” (aka how the program detects a virus) needed to be continually downloaded and updated. Now all of this is stored in an online cloud for more efficient use and less time spent updating.

  • Safeguards your identity and online transactions

Norton adds a new layer of protection to banking websites and secures online payments.

  • Protects better and faster than the competition

Norton is tested to work better than the competition*

  • Includes a 100% guarantee: Get a refund if your device is not virus-free!

*It is noted that the Norton Security version for Mac OS does lack some of the performance tools. Mac users should consider this before purchasing this product.


  • The new program runs much smoother than Norton has in the past.
  • The interface is streamlined and easier to access
  • The virus definitions database is stored on the cloud system—no more long updates!
  • This product is becoming more readily available to consumers, at only $30.00.


Overall this product does its job well. For the users that do not want to break the bank for online security, the Standard package is perfect. Anyone who is on the internet for any length of time should have antivirus software, and Norton Security is the perfect antivirus program. The basic package is fairly limited compared to the upgraded versions, but if you want decent coverage for only one device it is just the right program.

There was a time when Norton was seen as a virus in and of itself, as it constantly used up computer resources and typically slowed down your computer—no longer. By running Norton Security scans of your computer on a regular basis, your computer will stay free from harmful viruses and other threats commonly found on the internet. Computer and internet safety is important for everyone, and Norton Security understands that better than anyone.