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This is the internet age and today you will find everything running on the internet. Be it a phone, TV, PC or a laptop; all these devices use the internet. The growing demand of devices supporting internet has made the personal life more vulnerable to potential threats. You will see various methods are used on the internet to bring devastation on your life.

Personal data being stolen, scam mails being sent just to ensnare the gullible and bring chaos in the life of innocents.  There is a growing demand for security on the internet. As you are already using mobile devices, you also need security for the devices. You use the internet on your mobile phones and they are prone to hacking and other kinds of cyber crimes.

Well, you need not worry about your mobile or any other devices and be confident in using the internet and enjoy the power of the world wide web in your life. You now have Norton Mobile Security 2014 to help you and stand as a shield against all kinds of infiltration into your personal life.

Here are some amazing advantages of having Norton Mobile Security 2014 in your mobile phone:

Personal Data Security

The Norton Mobile Security is equipped to safeguards your personal data from being misused. The stored data on your mobile remains safe from all kinds of potential threats.

Norton for mobile devices is fully equipped to take backups of your contact list from any kind of phones. Backups can be taken on any of the devices like Android, your iPhone, or iPad. In case you delete something by mistake and need the information as it is important, you can get the data restored with Norton’s data back up measures.

Have you ever wondered about securing data from your lost phone? Or were you ever worried about data from your lost phone being misused by strangers? The good news is, you can now lock your lost or stolen phone online on the Norton’s secure website and make sure the data does not go into the wrong hands. Not only securing your data from the lost phone, you can also erase all the personal information from your device if necessary. Your private information remains private and you can have all the confidence to keep your secure data on your mobile device.

There are times when people steal your phone and remove the SIM card and use the phone with a new SIM card. You can make sure your phone is locked and never used with any other SIM other than your own.

Tracking Lost Mobile devices:

The Norton Mobile Security 2014, once installed on your mobile devices, can be used to track your lost or stolen devices.  You have a great feature names “scream” that is set as an alarm if you misplace your phone. Irrespective of the volume of the phone or the profile chosen, it still does its job in helping you find your mobile device. Map facility is provided to help you track your device faster. You can create a custom message on your phone to the person who finds you lost phone and make necessary arrangements to get it back.