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One of the key challenges for a parent is to have the vulnerable family members safe in the online environment. No kid is without internet accessibility today; therefore, you need something to make sure your family is on the right path and not deviating to path unknown and dark. The online world is filled with all kinds of threats. There are people looking for your address, phone numbers, credit card numbers, bank account details and any personal information that can give them control of your life.

The good news for you is the new Norton Family Premier. This is a security system that will keep your kids and family members on the right track. Norton Family comes with many benefits that a family can take advantage of. You are safe, and so are your kids.

Here are a few benefits that come to you with Norton Family Premier :

Your kids can now have a great internet experience. They can enjoy all that is good on the internet and not worry about the bad penetrating into their lives. You can have a complete insight on the activities of your kids and guide them to healthy things on the internet. The security system is so built that you can have your kids give feedback on the blocked sites and that leads to health dialogue between you and your kids.

The rules laid down to block sites can be changed with the consent of the you and that can be based on a proper understanding of the need for a specific site . Norton gives your family a very healthy online environment.

Norton spots sites that can be harmful and gives you signals to block them. Even before a threat can threaten you, Norton takes it on and puts the threat under control. You can track the sites the kids and your family members visit and you can block any content that is unhealthy and devastating to your loved ones lives.

Keyword specific tracking can be done with Norton Family Premier to ensure you know the kind of keywords your kids search. This will allow you to have complete control on the safe and unsafe content that your kid is getting exposed to.

You can have a track of your kid’s social profile. The way your kids represent themselves to the world can be kept under check with Norton Family. The kind of videos watched can be tracked and blocked in case of threatening content.

Personal information sharing is another challenge that you have to face online. You can prevent your kids from sharing any information that is personal and confidential. You can block the keywords that may refer to your personal information and ensure no personal data is sent to unknown people.

You can choose the kind of friends your kids make online. You have complete control of the text messages your kids send and you can also choose who can send them text messages .

You can practically control every aspect of the family’s online life and ensure they are safe and secure and doing the right things online.