Norton Antivirus 12 for Mac 2014

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Norton Antivirus for Mac – The Lightest Antivirus

Computer viruses are normally unnoticeable by ordinary Mac users.  Unfortunately, there are some which can be disastrous and can degrade even the most expensive system.  Good thing is that antivirus programs nowadays are readily available to help so users will have peace of mind such as the Norton Antivirus for Mac.

Since 1998, this program can effectively prevent all malicious programs that impair the performance of computers or systems.  Some of the known features include security protection against viruses, worms, trojan horses, adware and spyware.  It also automatically deters any threat and even from suspicious attachments.

Its advanced technology has heuristics function to detect viruses.  With more than 50 percent of the market share, Norton Antivirus for Mac is indeed well-known to defend even family users against infections or destructive intent of these computer viruses.  Another interesting feature is that Mac users know that their documents and files are protected from online threats.  Suspected attachments that can steal the user’s online identity are checked by this antivirus program.  Also, the users’ Time Capsule files are protected with the version 11 of the program.

Norton Antivirus for Mac can be downloaded for test purposes, along with the Norton Internet Security for Mac.  This online security tool helps the online users from identity theft incidents, hacking by cyber criminals and unsafe websites.  Convenience for the users is something that they can look out with this antivirus program as this updates the virus list without interruption.

As recognized by some recognized technology organizations such as PCWorld and PCMag in 2012, the Norton Antivirus for Mac and its Internet Security program are found to be the most effective suite of security applications available.  As it has evolved since the late 1990s, it can be considered as the best antivirus program in the world today.