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Losing things is a normal part of life. You tend to forget things in public places and places that are unsafe. Once you lose something, then the biggest challenge is to secure your personal information that is available on he lost device. There are times where you get robbed and that can be even more painful a time. To ensure you are protected always, you need security measures in place that will ensure your safety and security.

Norton Anti-Theft is the software that can stand by you in time of need. The software is so designed that you can not only secure your personal information, but also ensure you find your lost devices. Finding something that is lost is a great feeling. Mobile devices and laptops are the means of carrying sensitive information about your life. These devices have become an integral part of your life and these devices have made life easier in every way. Therefore, these devices need protection from unforeseen events.

With Norton Anti-Theft installed you will never lose track of your digital devices. You will be able to find, your lost or stolen devices and keep your personal identity safe an secure.

Here are some of the most wonderful benefits of using Norton Anti-Theft :

No matter where your devices are, you can now instantly locate them. Never worry about loosing your devices, as Norton is tracking them for you. Lost or stolen PC laptops, Smartphones, and tablets on a map that is available to you online. You can track the location of your devices from anywhere around you.

You can track the approximate location of your device in real time. This will make your hunt more focused and target based.

Norton’s Anti-Theft site has maps that allow you to locate your device and get the right co-ordinates to locate your stolen or lost device. All you have to have is one subscription and you can track up to 10 different devices.

Another classic benefit is of remotely locking down your missing devices online. You must find a place to log in to the Norton’s Anti-Theft site and you can lock your device remotely. You can ensure no one access your personal data from your device even though you have lost the device. All you need is a web browser and a connection to the internet and your device remains locked till you find it.

You can send personalized messages to the person who has found your device and make way to find the device.

You can take a picture of the person who has your device. This will allow you to track the person easily and pin down your lost device. With an inbuilt camera your device will be able to capture the photo of the person using your device. Norton Anti-Theft takes photos every ten minutes once you have reported your missing device.

The service being web-based, you do not need any additional hardware to make the service work.

The benefits are many and the safety that Norton Anti-Theft provides is unimaginable. Securing your device is your responsibility and you have a perfect solution for securing your devices now.