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AVG Technologies acquired Norman Safeground in 2014 and as a result Norman Mobile Security is no longer available.

We recommend AVG AntiVirus for Android as a great alternative.

Norman Mobile Security to keep your device secure with guaranteed peace of mind to you

Yes, mobiles have taken over the world by storm and most important is to protect them from internet threats for which Norman Mobile Security is best suited. This program not only offers protection from internet threats but also assists you in locating or tracking your mobile device if it has been stolen. Known for its low battery impact this smart tool is very essential for keeping your mobile and tablet safe and working continuously.

Some of the features of Norman Mobile Security highlighted

This program features on-demand and on-install scanning which ensures that all the applications that are installed are clean from virus threat and it safeguards your mobile from the latest malware threats and highly aggressive adware.

Web security comes with Norman Cloud services that alert you immediately when you are browsing web pages that contain malware, phishing or fraudulent content.

The Privacy Advisor does a commendable job by giving you detailed information about what your applications are doing behind the scenes and this gives you an opportunity to ensure that your personal information is not shared or used in any manner without your consent. Privacy protection is also a must for you and though several apps fail to contain malware they yet can collect and log more data than you would ever want them to. The user-friendly Privacy Advisor of Norman Mobile Security tells you which are the apps you have installed that ask for more permissions than necessary.

With the very easy to use anti-theft function you can use the web dashboard or SMS for locating, locking, to wipe or send a message to your mobile device and the best part about it is that all these can be done remotely, and you can delete all content on your mobile phone if it is lost and you can rest assured that your information does not get into wrong hands.

With Norman Mobile security your browsing experience becomes highly secure; the full speed and low battery impact of the cloud-based detection and high quality security services offered makes it possible to block installation of malicious applications and there is absolutely no battery life impact due to this.

Is mobile security absolutely necessary even good habits are used?

Good use habits are just not enough to ensure that your mobile devices and the information stored in them is absolutely safe. Modern malware has grown more cunning and intelligent these days and it is really very easy for us to fall prey to its bait however cautious we remain. By spending just a nominal amount for Norman Mobile Security you are guaranteed peace of mind about the safety of your mobile.

Here are some precautions mobile users must ensure

All Android users need to be utmost cautious and keenly observe the links they click on and the web pages they visit. No software from unknown sources should be installed; specially be careful about apps that require permissions that are actually not needed; just don’t accept such apps.

Now it is up to you to decide if you wish to keep your mobile secure by going in for the amazing Norman Mobile Security that offers you peace of mind that is invaluable in comparison to the amount you would have to spend on getting the program.