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Norman Antivirus, a one-stop shop for protecting all your devices from Internet threat

Norman Antivirus, an antivirus software, developed by Norman Safeground AS protects against spyware and malware such as Trojan horses, worms, rootkits and other malicious spyware that pose serious threat to the devices you use daily and store crucial and confidential data.

A little about Norman Safeground

Norman Safeground, a global company founded on the 1st of October 1984 in Oslo, Norway, is a pioneer in data security software and forensics malware tools using a patented sandbox technology. With a global partner network its main market is Europe; headquartered in Norway, Norman has offices in more than 180 countries around the globe.

Need for a reliable Antivirus

All of us are aware that today everything revolves round our computers and other devices and it is truly alarming when we hear how malicious virus can attack and corrupt our very confidential and important information stored on our devices. This makes it very important these days to decide where data should physically reside and how to properly protect it.

There are people who use on-premise solutions where the antivirus product is physically installed on their machines incorporated within their firewalls. But these days we can witness a huge shift towards using cloud based services.

Norman provides both of the products and contrary to their competitors all of their cloud services are hosted in secure European data centers ensuring absolute data privacy.

Few of the special attributes of Norman Antivirus

Norman Antivirus is certified by ICSA Labs and Virus Bulletin 100 and also tested by AV-Test which is an important independent test facility.

One license holds good for three PCs

It has a protective screensaver and is ready for Windows 8

Features that attributed to the success of Norman Antivirus

  • This software comes with a simple user interface
  • An installation wizard here detects automatically the applications that need internet access and then creates rules for them.
  • It is pretty easy to manage the license
  • The code is written ensuring it uses relatively little memory and thus does not tax your CPU
  • This Antivirus has a pop-up blocker and it scans emails and instant messages
  • It includes a screensaver with a malware scanner
  • Norman Antivirus uses certain methods to identify and neutralize threats that are yet to appear in the threat-signature database thus protecting customers from harm even before the malware gets added

Norman Antivirus summary

Armed with a mission to offer both home users and businesses utmost protection from Internet threats, Norman has become a one-stop shop with a easy-to-use software that delivers premium; protection providing you peace of mind as they take care of your security.

Today, we are witnessing an explosive growth in the use of smart phones, Android phones, laptops, and a broad array of other such devices and there is seen a significant increase in Apple Mac share and also a thrust towards more cloud based services and Norman Antivirus is truly a one-stop shop that ensures protection to all the devices that you use.