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AVG Technologies acquired Norman Safeground in 2014 and as a result Norman Antivirus for Mac is no longer available.

We recommend AVG AntiVirus for Mac as a great alternative.

Norman Antivirus for MAC designed specially to protect MAC users from all kinds of Internet threats

Yes, MACs too just like all other Internet connected computers need protection to safeguard against attacks made by malware and Norman Antivirus for MAC has come up with a brand new technological approach that is truly apt.

This Antivirus program is extremely fast and non-intrusive and is rightly designed for MAC.

Today the world is moving at jet speed that leaves no time for storing data or other crucial and sometimes highly confidential information and data in physical form, everything is stored in several of the devices that are in use now. All of it needs to be properly protected and ensured that they are not attacked by any sort or viruses, old or new. And MAC, that has become very popular these days needs a reliable Antivirus program too and what better than the Norman Antivirus for MAC?

Product features of Norman Antivirus for MAC

This software offers Cloud-based real time protection and accesses real time information for identifying threats and prevents access to malicious sites, thus protecting MACs from virus attacks of different types.

Norman Antivirus for MAC has a very low impact on the performance of MAC; with a small system footprint, this Antivirus solution keeps the initial load and the running environment very fast. Believe it or not, you will not even notice that it is there and running silently doing its duty of guarding your MAC against virus threats!

MAC users too are highly vulnerable to threat of viruses and need proper Web protection; Norman’s anti-phishing solution scans the web pages while you are browsing and whenever you visit an unsafe site either intentionally or by accident it will immediately warn you and alert you of the risks involved in visiting such sites. Online scams don’t spare anyone, not even MAC users.

Norman’s antimalware engine offers wonderful protection and this is done through identifying, and blocking and it has great cleaning tools that wipe out all types of threats.

Norman Antivirus for MAC comes with auto updates and unobtrusively updates its malware definitions; you can carry on your work uninterrupted while it performs its updating process for keeping your MAC safe for you.

Norman Antivirus for MAC utilizes Notifications or Growl to keep the users informed about all the updates and anything that needs your attention.

I am sure none of us would like to pass stuff that is nasty to any of our family or our friends; to avoid this situation stick in your USB drive and get it scanned before you begin sharing.

Brief summary of Norman Antivirus for MAC

  • Antivirus software specially designed for MAC that is truly super fast
  • It can identify, block and clean any type of threat
  • Offers real-time protection against all kinds of known and unknown threats and malicious sites
  • The anti-phishing function that comes with Norman Antivirus for MAC keeps you safe online

Lay your trust on Norman Antivirus for MAC and carry on with your work without worrying about virus attacks or any other such threats!