The Nero Burning ROM platform has come a long way from being a simple burning program for CDs, DVDs, and other optical discs to a jam-packed program that’s oozing with handy features and expansions to support a wide range of discs and formats. The Nero Burning ROM 12.5 is bundled together with Nero’s Platinum Suite, which includes six different tools – Recode, Kwik Media, Video, Rescue Agent, BackItUp, and Nero Express – that you can use to optimize your disc-burning experience.

The new Nero Burning ROM 12.5 is compatible with Windows 8 platforms, and on top of that, it supports new compilation formats such as DVD-Video, AVCHD, and BDMV. It also allows for users to create discs that would automatically start when they are popped into the CD/DVD drive. This feature also allows users to choose an icon for the autorun file so that the custom icon shows up on Windows Explorer – quite similar to the neat stuff you see whenever you install games or programs on your PC.

Nero DiscSpan, Nero DiscSpanSmartFit, and SecureDisc are the latest features that are included in the Nero Burning ROM 12.5 program. The first two features might sound quite the same, but they’re different by just a notch. Nero DiscSpan enables users to burn extra-large files that go beyond the limits of normal DVDs by automatically splitting the files and burning each part on separate discs. Nero DiscSpanSmartFit does an even better job in this department as it automatically spans your large files across multiple discs and selects the fewest possible number of discs that you can use. Contrary to the old practice of manually cutting down your large files and trying to maximize the data on your first disc before burning the second half of your data on another disc, the DiscSpan feature on the Nero Burning ROM 12.5 does the job efficiently.

The SecureDisc feature aims to protect the data on your disc against physical scratches and other forms of superficial damage which can render your disc – and the data inside it – inaccessible. SecureDisc generates multiple copies of the data on to your disk to ensure that everything has backup, even the backups themselves. However, there’s a trade-off between having secure files and disc storage capacity. You can set the number of copies that you want SecureDisc to create so that you’ll be able to have a fair balance between secure data and disc space.