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20% Off – Movavi Video Converter

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Have you experienced a situation in which a video file that does not work in any other device except for your laptop? Every single time you try to transfer the file to another device, it is does not play or its format is not supported. The problem is not with your device, but with the file itself. It has to be converted to another format so that other devices can read it and make use of the file. What you need is Movavi Video Converter program .

Changing the format of a file is one of the most basic functions of a video converter programs. The Movavi Video Converter has a tool for this task, but it holds so much more. Some of these functions include video enhancers, video filters and video editing tools.

Besides the ability to convert a video to more than 180 different media formats, it is also capable of converting video files from one size to another. This means that if your video file is too small for your 50 inch television, then Movavi Video Converter can increase the size of the video so that it will fit nicely on your large television screen.

Enhancing the clarity of the video’s image and the quality of the audio is a function that follows enlarging. It is hard to watch a video that has been enlarged but not made clearer. The image would be pixilated. This is why Movavi Video Converter is capable of enhancing the video and audio quality of videos.

Another impressive function that the Movavi Video Converter is capable of is converting 2D videos to 3D videos. This means you will be able to convert your favorite movies to a 3D format. In other cases, Movavi Video Converter can be used to extract audio, edit videos, crop, rotate, apply filters to videos and many more.