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Movavi PowerPoint to Video Converter

When you want to distribute your well-crafter PowerPoint presentation to your colleagues or customers, you want to ensure that your presentation is easy to distribute, while making it easier for your recipients to view it on their own devices without having install PowerPoint. That is why converting PowerPoint presentations into a video is a practical idea to achieve those two, but not unless you use a reliable software that will allow you to do so. Movavi’s PowerPoint to Video Converter is a software packed with features that are designed to turn your beautiful presentations into files of various formats such as AVI, MP4, MPG, WMV, SWF, and FLV.


Installing the program is easy and takes a little time to finish. It is also wrapped in a user-friendly interface- a simple window splits into multiple panels that can be navigated easily by novices. After then, you can now import your PPT files and transform them not just into a simple video, but as an HD one. This makes your video more elegant and persuasive when they view it on their HD-capable devices. You can also load your videos onto a flash drive, or play them back using any media player on any devices running Windows, OS X, or Linux.

Movavi PowerPoint to Video Converter can also convert your PPT files into a format optimized for mobile devices. It has predefined settings specific to each mobile device, ensuring your converted slideshow will play perfectly on almost any devices- from iPhone, iPad, Samsung, Sony, HTC, and other mobile devices, it’s guaranteed that you can view your presentation on the go. Moreover, you can also add voiceover and soundtrack to your slideshow video using this software. You can add comments on every slide to create a perfect narrated presentation, or add background music to the animation to impress your audience more.

With it’s on point features, Movavi PowerPoint to Video Converter is certainly a great tool for anyone who want share their PowerPoint presentations with less hassle.

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