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Movavi Photo Suite, an excellent photo editor

To put it in simple words, Movavi Photo Suite is an excellent photo editor; this program enables you to edit RAW files, merge to HDR, and even optimize the size and quality of your photos. You will be able to create visual games, slideshows and calendars with this program. This is a complete photo organizer that is capable of organizing all your media files automatically even if they are strewn all over your computer.

Some of the tasks you can do with Movavi Photo Suite

Photo editing

You can retouch and enhance your photos like never before. Auto Levels, Auto Colors, Auto Contrast, Noise and Red Eye Autofix are the simpler tools for those who are unsure. The advanced instruments are Skin Tone Photo Editor, Lens Correction, Color Variations, Exposure, and you also have options for manual and automatic correction. You will be able to hide small photo defects with the Unique Retouch Brush and the really old scanned photos can be corrected with the Correct Scanned Photo tool.

You can tune your photos and add artistic effects to transform your photo into a masterpiece or a piece of art.

The expert Photo Editing

Movavi Photo Suite is highly efficient and all professionals are happy with this. RAW images can be worked upon with an interface that is surely simple and friendly, the Dark Room.

You will be able to optimize the size and quality of JPG files with the advanced JPEG export function.

Merging photos to HDR is possible with Movavi Photo Suite.

The one-click panorama creator enables you to create panoramas in a quick and easy manner.

Browsing and organizing

You can get all of your photos and media files organized automatically though they are all over your computer.

Thousands of graphic and video files saved on your computer can be scanned in minutes, thanks to the super fast indexing algorithm of Movavi Photo Suite and the Folder Browser and Calendar Browser.

No need to worry about underexposure, red eyes, noise or orientation, the Photo Improvement Wizard is there to set them right.

Sharing; uploading, exporting, printing

Movavi Photo Suite allows you to upload your photos to Google Picasa and other online photo albums, burn the photos on CD and create web album or a great slide show, and send photos by email.

You can capture your memories for good with the advanced printing options offered by Movavi Photo Suite.

Video editing

You can transform your home videos into awesome films using the Video Editor; you can compose a movie using video clips, photos, music files and audio clips using Storyboard, and editing tools.

A quick recap of the features of Movavi Photo Suite

  1. Retouching and enhancing
  2. Supports merger to HDR
  3. Creates panorama images
  4. Uploading and exporting of photos
  5. Video editing

Finally it can be said that Movavi Photo Suite consisting of basic and advanced tools both for the novice users and the experienced professionals, is truly an excellent photo editor, an awesome application used for editing and tuning up photos to create fantastic pieces of art!