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20% Off – Movavi Photo Focus

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Movavi Photo Focus

There  are times when we want to accentuate a certain aura or feeling in the photos that we have taken, let’s say that you want to make the subject more dramatic. In this case, a simple color adjustment won’t does the trick, but  intentionally blurring your photo might work. By manipulating the focus of your camera, it si possible to achieve a blurry background that can evoke that certain feeling that you want your subject to express. But if you are not that knowledgeable on how you will tweak the focus of your camera, you can use a software instead to easily blur your image instead. That is why Movavi, one of the leading multimedia program producers, has released Photo Focus, a tool that is dedicated to mimic the creative blur effects that professional photographers value so much.

In Movavi Photo Focus, users have the choice what area of the picture they want to keep in focus, and how much area you want a blur to be added. The programs also offer different kinds of blur options for different images. In panoramic shots, you can add tilt shift to miniaturize the landscape photo and make the objects look tiny. Or you can add a central blur if you want the focus to be on a central element of your photograph, thus accentuating its overall impact on your photo.

There are a lot more in this Movavi Photo Focus photo blur software. You can also edit your photos and adjust its basic elements such as brightness, contrast, hue, saturation just by simply dragging the slider across the screen.  You can also crop, rotate, and resize the images to suit your requirements. Moreover, your blurred photos can be imported in various formats such as PNG, JPEG or BMP, while ensuring that the photos are exported in high quality.

Overall, Movavi Photo Focus is a great tool for anyone who want make their photos more creative, expressive, and catchy while taking their photo editing skill to the next level.