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20% Off – Movavi Photo Batch

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Movavi Photo Batch

Photo resizing is one of the basic features that most of the photo editors- mobile apps or desktop program- can do nowadays. However, only a few manage to remain accessible to novices offering a respectable array of features. If you are planning to resize all of those summer beach photos at once, without the need to fiddle with complex photo resizing application, then Movavi’s Photo Batch might be the best option for you.

Photo Batch is a simple program that offers the users with a simple method of processing their photos such as resize, convert, rename, rotate, and basic adjustment. It supports a wide array of image formats, including JPEG, BMP, PNG, TIFF, and GIF. Importing your files also come in a breeze using the drag and drop actions, though you can also import an entire directory at once. Once the photos are uploaded, Photo Batch will display their thumbnails in the main window, allowing you to click any of them to bring up a larger preview or compare the source image to the modified version.

The program offers multiple resizing methods, as you can scale the images by percentage, width or height, as well as set a maximum size or specify the exact dimensions. If you want to share your photos but in a different format, you can use the Photo Batch to convert them into JPEG, PNG, BMP or TIFF. You can also customize the compression level when exporting them to the JPEG format. Changing your photographs with a more appropriate name than what your camera has given to it, you can also use this program to rename your files, as well as you can add certain elements before or after their current names.

To top it all, Movavi Photo Batch is an impressive and simple tool that is easy to navigate for novices while maintaining its robust features for those advanced users.