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Movavi Mac Cleaner

Did you know that a Mac user spends an average of 1 hour per month waiting for systems and application to start up? This mainly because of unnecessary files that are still resting in your hard drive, and unwanted applications that take up large memory usage. True enough, getting rid of these in Mac can be a little bit tricky, but thanks to Movavi Mac Cleaner, speeding up your system is now easier. Movavi Mac cleaner is a user-friendly and effective tool for OS X systems that will help you to clean up you MacBook, iMac, or any other Apple computer.

Upon launch, Mac Cleaner will immediately check and analyze the status of all the files on your Mac, revealing all the garbage files hidden on your hard drive. The automatic scan detects unnecessary files such as cache, log files, trash bins, unused localization, large and old files, and duplicate files, though you can review the list on your own to decide which of them will be indeed removed. In the Movavi Mac Cleaner Preferences, you can also create a whitelist for the language files to avoid unnecessary scanning. The same area allows you to set up maintenance, trash size, and free space alarms.

The program also allows you to uninstall unwanted applications that cannot be done in a normal way.  Its Uninstaller feature can track down and delete associated files left behind after removing an application, whilst securely removing unused default OS X apps such as Chess, iBook, and Safari. The Shredder feature also lets you get rid of confidential files by overwriting with other information, which can’t be restored no matter what software is used. Moreover, Mac Cleaner is also equipped with a solid firewall and antivirus protection to keep you Mac safe from various internet threats.

To top it all, Movavi Mac Cleaner is a fairly easy to use program that can improve your Mac’s performance with through its on-point features.