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Movavi AudioSuite, a collection of six most essential processing tools all put into one single package

Movavi AudioSuite is a collection of six most essential processing tools, all put in a single package, truly a gift for music lovers. This great collection of audio software performs a wide range of functions and the six modules that come with this are a converter, audio recorder, CD ripper, YouTube Video to Audio converter, Audio extractor and a CD burner.

Important functions of Movavi AudioSuite

A lot of functions are made possible with this AudioSuite, the main ones being rip audio CDs, convert audio for your mobile devices, record audio, extract from videos, save from YouTube and other such sites, burn audio CDs, transfer audio to your iPod, iPhone, MP3 Player, cellphone and a lot of mobile devices.

With just a couple of clicks you can rip your total music CD collection, record audio from microphones, audio CD players, or any other sound card inputs. You will be able to extract audio from unprotected DVDs and other sources too.

With this you can save soundtracks from Google, YouTube and several other such video sharing websites. Can add new videos instantly with just a couple of clicks.

Movavi AudioSuite enables you to perform several functions with ease; conversion, burning, ripping, recording and many more, all rolled into one package!

Some of the features of Movavi AudioSuite explained

Though the menu screen looks polished from the outside, the audio programs that are included in this are pretty basic but functional. The Audio converter does conversion jobs to and from WAV, MP3, WMA, OGG AAC and allows you to select the quality of your conversion.

In Movavi AudioSuite there is no support of M4A or FLAC. All the modules have the same output formats.

Pros and cons of Movavi AudioSuite

As with any product Movavi AudioSuite too has its pros and cons, let us see some of them here.


  • It collects various functions and brings it forth in one single program as a single package.
  • It is very user-friendly and relatively very simple to use.
  • It is quite inexpensive yet comparable to most of the other expensive products.
  • Excellent support system is available, you may mail your queries any number of times and you are sure of receiving their instantaneous reply.
  • Movavi AudioSuite is absolutely virus-free! The latest version of Movavi AudioSuite has been analyzed with 30 antivirus engines and found totally virus-free!


  • The recording program of Movavi AudioSuite Personal Edition is really very basic and not very satisfactory; it has the functions of a basic Dictaphone devoid of editing functions or an equalizer.
  • The burner and ripper modules are truly weak applications and offer nothing much.
  • Though useful to have all functions in one single package, the separate modules in Movavi AudioSuite have failed to stand out.
  • The negative aspects of Movavi AudioSuite are pretty minor and can be rectified; and yes, this is still considered an excellent gift to music lovers world over.