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Movavi 3D Video Converter, a super multimedia program brought out by Movavi

Why opt for Movavi 3D Video Converter?

Movavi 3D Video Converter is one of the many multimedia programs brought out by Movavi, who is on a mission to offer the best fun experience for its users, to create their videos, photos or movies. Providing optimum ease of use and being within the reach of many, this company founded by a group of dedicated enthusiasts to make video editing and processing as easy as brewing a cup of coffee, started off as a small startup in the year 2004 soon catapulted into an international business and now about eight million people and companies in a whopping number of 150 countries across the globe are using their products. And a major chunk, 82% of their customers are totally satisfied with these products and recommend them to others.

Their business customers include the big and the reputed global players such as Microsoft, Coca-Cola, Procter and Gable and Harvard University to name a few, isn’t this a truly awesome list?

What can you do with a Movavi 3D Video Converter?

More affordable

Now with the whole world going gaga over 3D you too can enjoy this pleasurable experience without having to burn a hole in your pocket; yes, you can convert 2D SD and HD formats and your DVDs to awesome 3D with Movavi 3D Video Converter. You no more need to spend your hard earned money on 3D movies and camcorders that are pretty expensive!

About 3D glasses

Though watching 3D videos and movies is often a wonderful and highly realistic experience, there are times you are left puzzled as to why things are not the way they should be; guessed right, you are wearing the wrong 3D glasses; but with Movavi software you can select any 3D glasses that are right for you, be it NVIDIA’s shutter or anaglyph.

Watch 3D videos on the go

The concept of 3D has spread to a lot of applications and no more restricted to the movie industry; it has spread to LED TVs, game companies, and mobile computing firms such as LG and HTC have begun to experiment by adding this concept to their tablets and smartphones too. You can be a step ahead and convert your 2D movies to 3D with the readymade Movavi presets for your smartphone and experience the thrill of 3D even while you are on the go!

Save time

Movavi 3D Video Converter can convert 2D to 3D in no time using NVIDIA and Intel technology. This converter uses all the power of Intel processors, NVIDIA, CUDA and GPU to offer you a great performance boost.

The other advantages offered by Movavi 3D Video Converter are you can experiment with various values to attain the maximum depth without detracting, or blurring the images.

And you can enjoy a preview of the 2D to3D in real-time that shows your custom-designed stereo and anaglyph 3D videos.

What the customers say

Several happy users love Movavi 3D Video Converter for its successful conversions and the quick-turn around, and Webcasters engaged in production for the purpose of education, business, or on-demand videos and streaming web productions vouch for this amazing product.