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Mommy’s Helper – Outlet Plugs – Safe Plate Electrical Outlet Covers

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  • Mommy’s Helper Outlet Plugs, 36 Count
  • Safe-er- Grip Bath and shower Handle
  • Mommy’s Helper Outlet Plugs 12 Pack
  • Mommy’s Helper Power Strip Safety Cover
  • Mommys Helper 25-Pack Bulk Safe Plate Electrical Outlet Covers Standard, White

Mommy’s Helper products for safeguarding little children from hazards at home

Being a mother and a successful career woman at the same time though a herculean task is truly very satisfying if you can balance beautifully between both the roles and now let’s see where Mommy’s Helper fits in here.

The products brought out by Mommy’s Helper are really so safe and practical in homes with little babies and take a lot of tension out of the parents’ mind. There are countless mothers who have used these products and vouch for them.

How are Mommy’s Helper products going to be of use to parents?

These days in almost all homes both the parents work and are continuously on the move and for moms especially it is a dual role with a professional one demanding all their time and a mother’s role caring for their little ones with love demanding most of their attention.

Mommy’s Helper products offer a lot of safe conveniences and highly functional options that suit the busy schedule of parents to safeguard their precious little darlings. These products are highly innovative and cover all basic aspects such as childproofing homes to potty chairs for the kids and a whole lot of others that are found to be highly essential items in homes blessed with little wonders!

Some of the popular products of Mommy’s Helper

Cushie Traveler Folding Potty Seat is a fine example of a product from Mommy’s Helper that makes life so much easier for the parents when they are on the move. Travel becomes so much more hassle free when you carry this product. This is a potty seat that is small and can be fitted on to any of the standard toilets and the good thing is it is foldable and can be carried along in a diaper bag. It comes with a thick padding that makes it comfortable for your baby to sit on and it has a washable carry bag helping you stay hygienic.

Cushie Step Stool is a product that can be paired with the Folding Potty Seat and this can be used most conveniently and safely at any toilet when you are traveling or even when your young ones need to use the potty while in a mall!

Apart from such bathroom accessories for families with little ones, Mommy’s Helper has several other products with safety precautions in mind to childproof the homes. Cord Wind-Up system is one such inexpensive product for childproofing the house to provide the necessary protection to the children, and for this most practical and safe solution one need not break their budgets. Unbelievable price of being less than $2.00, this product helps to conceal hazardous cords from children. This can be used anywhere you have thin cords that can prove very dangerous to children and pose a choking hazard to them; some of the places these are practical to use are on the curtains, blinds, etc.

Other products of Mommy’s Helper such as Door Knob Covers and Furniture Safety Brackets offer practical solutions to keep your child’s curious hands from getting into rooms that are off their limits and prevents them from tripping over furniture items and hurting themselves.

Yes, Mommy’s Helper products are every mom’s helping hands to keep children safe!