Microsoft Windows Small Business Server Standard

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About the old versions of Microsoft Windows Small Business Server Standard

Microsoft Offers Solution Suite for Small Businesses

Microsoft Corporation offers the Microsoft Windows Small Business Server Standard as a solution suite for aspiring businessmen. This release contains everything necessary to manage a business as well as offering additional options for other possible business ventures.

The Microsoft Windows Small Business Server Standard or Windows SBS Standard for short is an office solution suite which was designed specifically for small businesses. Similar to its predecessors, the SBS Standard gains updates in the OS and the applications which come with the package. New applications such as Sharepoint, Update Services, and Exchange were added. This server is based on the Windows Server 2008 R2 which gives the server high points in stability and functionality. This server can handle up to 75 clients on a single active domain.

The SBS Standard was intended to be installed from scratch which makes it an advantage for people whose businesses are still new. Those who have previous versions of the SBS may import their preferences in the installation setup. The SBS Standard presents a very clean, user friendly GUI which contains different tabs for the different processes of the server. It also features a cloud system wherein clients could share their data among other clients on the same network. There is also an option to back up the entire system although only the system data will be backed up. Client data can be backed up via other software.

The Microsoft Corporation is the world’s leading software manufacturer which focuses on developing software for personal computers and similar devices. The company was founded by Bill Gates and Paul Allen in 1975. They have also developed several operating systems but their most recent OS, Windows, has achieved the most success and is the world’s number one operating system today.