Microsoft Windows 8 Professional System Builder Version May Come Affordable

In building your own PC, the windows license is considered as among the most costly components, but this is not the case with Windows 8.  The Microsoft Windows 8 Professional System Builder brought some major variations in licensing as compared in the past versions. The Full Packaged is now available, and the latest Personal Use License version is in. This enables users to install the software on a computer they have built or as added OS on a separate partition or virtual machine.

Last month there were some rumors that the new version will be available and indeed Microsoft introduced its latest OS. In the past, the users who ran Windows on a virtual machine or built their own machines were supposed to buy a full retail copy of the operating system. There are lots of retailers that offer cheaper OEM versions of Windows – the identical version that PC makers install on their hardware – however technically, the latest versions were restricted to end-users. This issue did not stop people from disregarding Microsoft’s licensing limitations and still install the cheaper OEM versions.

With the introduction of Windows 8, Microsoft will let the consumers buy the same software that the PC makers are using. Although the price has not been announced yet, the Microsoft Windows 8 Professional System Builder version will be cheaper as compared to the full retail copies of the past years.

Just like other software, it might have some downside. In the past, the older version has been limited only to one installation on one motherboard. The software can be transferred to another PC, once the software was installed. With the new version, users can transfer their copy to a new motherboard or to another virtual machine. It is not yet clear if the Microsoft Windows 8 Professional System Builder will be restricted to a single motherboard, but in the license agreement it suggests that it will.