Microsoft Windows 8 Pro

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Microsoft Windows 8 Pro: Securely Dynamic

Microsoft Windows has become a household name, almost synonymous to the term “operating system” itself. Every new version of Windows is talked about, and Windows 8 is no exception. Microsoft hit a technological sweet spot with this version because it’s highly dynamic – great for today’s new gadgets. With Microsoft Windows 8 Pro, it’s taken a level higher with even more dynamic features plus enhanced security.

First off, Windows 8 Pro has the well-received features of Windows 8. Number one is the active interface: the smooth transitions, fast response, plus additional support for touchscreens make it excellent for users who are always on the go. Add to that Microsoft’s cloud support, allowing files to be uploaded online for convenient access anywhere. Windows 8 also included new built-in apps such as Messaging. All these are wrapped in the security of Windows Firewall and Windows Defender.

Microsoft Windows 8 Pro boosts these with additional features of its own. In this version, the dynamic persona of Windows 8 is enhanced with a Remote Desktop Connection, letting users access and use their own desktops even when they’re on a different PC. The Pro version also has Domain Join, which allows easy connecting to a network domain, at the school or office, for example.

In terms of security, Pro has the standard defenses of Windows 8, but with the addition of BitLocker. This is a drive encryption feature that protects the user’s data from unwanted access. Also, when connected to a network, a user can use the Group Policy feature to enforce security measures like passwords.

A convenient OS that allows working from practically anywhere, with virtually zero worries on protection – this is what most professionals today would want to support their active lifestyles. And with that, it’s safe to say that Microsoft Windows 8 Pro an ideal upgrade for the modern workforce.