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About the previous versions of Microsoft Visual Studio Professional

Microsoft Visual Studio Pro 2012

Microsoft Visual Studio Pro 2012 is a software product developed by Microsoft used to develop graphical user-interface applications and console. Unlike its predecessors, the 2012 version can’t playback and record macros, in which the macro editor is removed from the software.

The major new feature of Microsoft Visual Studio Pro 2012 is its support for C++/CX and WinRT for component extensions, and support for C++AMP for GPGPU programming. Also, Visual Studio Pro 2012 can only be run on Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows Server 2008 R2 or later versions.

For the main features of the product, Microsoft offers semantic colorization, which means that the syntax coloring is improved allowing the user to use user-defined or default colors for C++; reference highlighting, which highlights all of the references of a particularly selected symbol; provided a new solution explorer, which produces a visualization of class and file hierarchies within a project or solution; automatic display of IntelliSense list during typing, in which, compared to previous versions, the IntelliSense featured had to be manually ran to display IntelliSense; member list filtering, in which IntelliSense uses ‘fuzzy logic’ to determine functions, types, variables to display on the list; and code snippets, which are also included in IntelliSense automatically produce codes relevant on the user’s parameters (user-customized code snippets are also possible). The interface is also simple and easy-to-use, which makes it easier for people to utilize.

Microsoft Visual Studio Pro 2012 is currently the final build, and it’s the most stable and efficient Studio Pro version now. Although the product does not support older Windows OS versions, developers of Microsoft are close to developing ones that run perfectly and smoothly on operating systems, such as Windows XP. Not to mention that Microsoft offers a 90-day trial for users to try it out extensively first.