Microsoft SQL Server Standard Edition 2014

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Learn to Speak SQL with Microsoft SQL Server Standard Edition 2014

Structured Query Language, or SQL for short, is a different sort of language used when communicating with a computer, a database more specifically. SQL is a computer programming language used for running and maintaining databases ever since it was developed in the early 1970s. Recently, Microsoft launched the Microsoft SQL Server Standard Edition 2014 which is a relational database management system. With it, you get the ability to ‘talk’ to computers with more ease. This new product allows users to create databases and have data reporting and analytic abilities without the hefty pricing of other data platforms.

The recent Microsoft SQL Server Standard Edition 2014 boasts of having a higher memory access up to 128GB. This makes the per CPU core licensing costs for the Standard Edition lower than the Enterprise Edition which is about $7,000 per CPU core.

Its key features include a maximum relational database size of 524PB that makes it at par with the Enterprise and Business Intelligence editions. Its maximum computation capacity is limited to 16 cores or less than 4 sockets. The maximum memory used during each run for reporting services is only 64 GB. It also supports Alwayson Failover Cluster Instances.

Other features of the Microsoft SQL Server Standard Edition 2014 includes log shipping, encryption, smart backup, and backup compression.

It also allows Merge, Transactional, Snapshot replications and SQL Server change tracking capabilities. The development and management tools included in the Standard Edition are also comparable to those in the Enterprise and Business Intelligence suites.

In terms of programmability, users are able to build content management apps with ease as it supports CLR integration, FILESTREAM, FileTable, native xml support, xml indexing, semantic and full-text search, and specification of language queries.

The Microsoft SQL Server Standard Edition 2014 is ideal for small and medium-sized businesses since its Analytics Service allows you to Attach/Detach or Backup/Restore databases. It also has high availability.

On top of that, additional database services like the database mail and SQL Server Migration Assistant are included along with data mining and standard algorithms.

Data Reporting is also made easier with the Standard Edition 2014 since it features various reporting tools like the Report Server, Report Manager, Report Designer, and even capabilities for rich text, word export support, PDF, Excel, Images Export and even SharePoint Integration.

If you are going to use the Microsoft SQL Server Standard Edition 2014, it is best to couple it with the core knowledge of how a database is maintained, how server problems are diagnosed and how to keep your servers flying. When you learn all these, you could be considered an expert in SQL.