Microsoft SQL Server Developer Edition 2014

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SQL Server Developer Edition

SQL Server Developer Edition (latest version is Microsoft SQL Server Developer Edition 2014) is a Microsoft database management software product. Essentially, its primary function is to retrieve and store data according to proper applications that may come from the same network, same computer, or across the internet. Mainly, the languages it supports are ANSI SQL and T-SQL.

While it basically offers the same features of other SQL Server software, and aimed for practically the same audience, SQL Server Developer Edition has additional features that deserve to be recognized.

  • SQL Server AlwaysOn

This disaster-recovery solution allows faster failover, greater uptime, and improved usage of hardware resources. Basically, it’s an enterprise-level alternative for data mirroring.

  • xVelocity

This feature allows the user to optimally speed up common data warehouse queries. Moreover, it has an in-memory analytics engine that can deliver insights quickly and efficiently. Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence has never been so proficient.

  • Application Testing

It features a product-like application testing, which can test configuration changes, critical applications, and upgrades on a high-scale.

  • PowerView

PowerView displays insights on easy-to-understand visualizations for any user to quickly assess it. This improves efficiency quite tremendously.

  • Manageability

Any manageability related to audit resilience, enablement throughout all editions, and filtering user-defined audit is made easier.

  • Data Quality

Third-party reference data providers to profile, organizational knowledge, match, and cleanse data improves data quality significantly.

  • Cloud-ready

This is on a cloud-ready platform that allows utmost efficiency when it comes to finishing a project by the team.

The other editions, specifically the express editions, are probably too limited for developers to fully utilize SQL Servers. The SQL Server Developer Edition (Microsoft SQL Server Developer Edition 2014) provides all the necessary features that a developer could want, as well as provide valuable features that increases productivity and efficiency for any team tenfold. So far, this might be the best Microsoft SQL Server Edition for database.