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A Whole New Way of Publishing

Creating presentations, preparing newsletter layouts, formatting magazines and designing illustrations are difficult tasks especially if you are the only who’s got to do all of them. You have to think like an artist, from the pattern of the material to the smallest details to ensure a perfect output. Contents like messages, pictures and headings must be carefully chosen and formatted for you to be able to come up with an organized and interesting output. To be able to do all of these in one software would really be wonderful and that’s what Microsoft Publisher 2013 is for!

Microsoft has been known for their office tools that are really helpful to most people. Students finish their homework using Word, Accountants keep their records in Excel and Graphic artists create their posters in Publisher. Over time, more and more features are being offered by Microsoft, so what could be in store for you with the new Microsoft Publisher 2013?

Publisher seems to have recognized the importance of the use of online storage databases and the retrieval of documents from them. There are a lot of features of Publisher 2013 that let you get files directly from online storage sites and to directly save a publication in these sites. One feature is the ability of the software to retrieve pictures or files directly from Cloud, which saves you time in making your publication. With Publisher, you can now also save a publication directly in SkyDrive, which is Microsoft’s online storage service or in other web locations. But of course, you can still retrieve and save publications to your computer.

Pictures are now easier to edit with its new features, such as cropping a picture to a shape and picture swapping. In the previous versions of Publisher, cropping can only be done by cropping the four sides of a picture, but now, interestingly, Publisher has come up with a way to crop these pictures into different shapes. No more boring rectangular pictures because you can now crop a picture into a star, circle, flower, and any other shape. Picture swapping, on the other hand, lets you swap pictures with another, whether the other picture is in the same publication or not. More photo effects have also been incorporated in the software. Photo printing is another feature that lets your publication get printed instantly via online services. There is no need for PDF files or file conversion.

Publisher is everything that you’re looking for in page layout software. You can easily create your projects without spending too much just to make your publication look more professional. With a whole lot of new features, Publisher can really make each publication a perfect one.