Microsoft Project Professional 2013

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The Project with an Edge

Planning, progress reports, budget management, the Gantt chart, data analysis – these are the quintessential aspects that project managers focus on. Apart from the actual project execution, project managers are assigned the inevitable task of monitoring and producing outputs to ensure that the plans developed are going along the right direction.

The use of software programs in managing inputs and producing outputs for projects has enabled project teams to get the job done at a faster pace. With applications being developed throughout the years, it has become much easier and cost effective for the working individuals to oversee the work of all team members, enabling a smooth progress within the dedicated time for projects to be accomplished. In order to carry on with delivering better project development, software companies continue to innovate and redesign software programs that will aid with tasks at hand, and Microsoft, one of the world’s leading software developers, is no different in responding to the continuous change in the professional field.

Designing Microsoft Project, a software program initiated by the company and meant for the use of the company, was a way for Microsoft’s product manager to oversee the numerous software projects being created. Seeing it develop as an efficient tool in tracking project progress, the IT company made it available for commercial use, and has been offered in many versions, the latest being the Microsoft Project Professional 2013.

Equipped with the tools intended to effectively manage projects, Microsoft Project Professional 2013, is designed to meet specific business needs. Functioning as a program application on its own, it allows its users to segregate and prioritize the tasks at hand. Project timelines, reporting tools, generating Gantt charts, budget and resource allocation tools, team planners, and Excel-like outputs are the stellar functions of the latest version. Additionally, it stands out with its capability to be shared with team members, and to be stored and retrieved through its online platform, SharePoint, enabling the user to access and work from anywhere. Integrated in the 2013 version is the use of Lync 2013, an application that allows the user to make calls or send instant messages to members of the project team while working through the program.

With its array of functions, Microsoft Project Professional 2013 displays a significant advantage among project tool applications. Merging productivity, efficiency, and connectivity, initiating, developing, and achieving a project no longer seems an impossible task for project managers. Microsoft Project Professional 2013 tackles the task with an edge, creating a perfect solution to today’s competitive business needs.