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Microsoft PowerPoint with improved and advanced features for you

About Microsoft PowerPoint

A widely used presentation software program, PowerPoint is a part of the Microsoft Office package that uses a graphical approach to presentations in the form of slide shows along with oral talk on the topic. Schools, colleges use it as a highly effective tool to impart training and it is also used widely in businesses and other corporate events.

PowerPoint happens to be the simplest of all computer programs and can be learnt in no time, this has made it number 1 program widely used all over the globe for great presentations to make them look awesome and professionally designed.

Photo albums, complemented with apt music or narration, can be created from PowerPoint presentations and possible to distribute CDs or DVDs. You can make your presentation into a web page for the purpose emailing and can be used for promoting your company by displaying it on the website of the company.

You can customize presentations adding company’s logo or slogan and use the program’s design templates that can be effectively used for dazzling your audience. PowerPoint, apart from offering screen slide shows, offers printing options too and with this you can provide handouts or outlines to the audience and notes pages to the speaker for reference during the presentation.

It can thus be concluded that PowerPoint can be referred to as a ‘one-stop-shop’ for classrooms, businesses or any others for creating a successful presentation or it could be used for your personal use.

About Microsoft PowerPoint

At the onset it can be seen that the new version of PowerPoint comes with a brand new look, which is cleaner and can be used even on tablets. So, just swipe and go ahead with your great presentations!

Now you need not stress out to see if all the objects on your slides are lined up properly; Smart Guides automatically are there when your pictures, or shapes are close and also let you know if your objects are evenly spaced.

The new Microsoft PowerPoint 2013 supports more multimedia formats like the .mp4 and .mov with H.264 video and Advanced Audio Coding (AAC) audio and content with higher definition. PowerPoint also offers several built-in-codecs and this eliminates the necessity to install them for enabling certain file formats to work.

Some of the other features offered by Microsoft PowerPoint

  • Presenter View enables the presenter to see the notes on the monitor whereas the audience is able to only see the slides. Adapts automatically to your projector set-up and enables you to use it on a single monitor too.
  • PowerPoint 2013 now provides new widescreen themes along with the standard sizes with a set of wide variations such as varied color palette and fonts. You can select a theme and variant from the Design tab or the start screen.
  • PowerPoint presentation can now be shared over the Web and you can send links to the slides or even commence a full-on Lync meeting too displaying the deck with audio and IM and your audience can participate from any place on any device, great isn’t it?

Thanks to Microsoft PowerPoint, a lot of things have been made possible now!