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Microsoft OneNote and the cool things you can do with it!

About Microsoft OneNote

Microsoft OneNote is a modified version of Microsoft OneNote, which was previously known as Microsoft Office OneNote. This is a computer program that enables free-form gathering of information and multi-user collaboration. This program gathers notes that are either handwritten or typed by the user, and also drawings, audio commentaries, and screen clippings too. You can share notes with the other users of OneNote over the Internet. This program is available for Windows, iOS, Android, Windows Phone and also Symbian.

Microsoft has upgraded the file format twice previously after its introduction of OneNote 2003. The first up gradation was done with OneNote 2007 and the second time in OneNote 2010.

OneNote file format, documented by Microsoft, is an open file format allowing you to store attachments like pictures, videos, and others inside a single binary file.

Great things you can do with OneNote

There are several absolutely cool things you can do with Microsoft OneNote ; simplification of tasks is what it offers even if they are really small tasks.

  • This app has the ability to back up important data and make it available to you at the most crucial junctures; lost your bag before the plane’s take off, or forgot your report at home, no worries, if you have it on OneNote you are safe.
  • OneNote enables you to access all the office documents on iOS or Android, yes, OneNote is the only office app on Android. You will not be enabled to work much with the other Office apps in OneNote on Android or iOS but you can access and view them.  And if you wish to have the document in visual form you must include it as a printout; though it cannot be edited you will be able to view it.
  • Now you can dictate notes straight to text by tapping the Android microphone button seen on the keyboard and talk to OneNote and get your speech translated to text.
  • A super cool feature of OneNote allows you to retrieve text from images; all you have to do is right click an image or it could be a photo in OneNote 2013 and choose Copy Text from Picture, and you have the text on the clipboard! For this to work well high-quality screenshots are best.
  • You can grab a screen clipping and mark it up; of course you can snap screenshots using OneNote 2013 Clipping Tool. Drop the screenshot into OneNote and with your pen you can use Office’s ink features to mark up the image, cool idea!

Some other cool ideas offered by Microsoft OneNote

  • You can mark up documents with a pen
  • It is possible to copy links to specific paragraphs
  • Searching for text in images in possible with OneNote 2013
  • You can dock OneNote to the desktop
  • You can create Outlook Tasks from OneNote if you have Outlook set up and configured on the same PC that you are using OneNote on.

Apart from all these the first thing that leaves an impression on you when you open Microsoft OneNote is the fresh and clean look that leaves you to dwell on ideas more than the interface itself.