Microsoft Office Home and Business 2016

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Is Microsoft Office Home & Business Worth Trying?

For many years, people have counted on Microsoft Office suites to produce professional materials for business. Every new release of MS Office had been highly anticipated, and users were willing to try them out for the sake of keeping up with the technology. Some versions hit sweet spots, while some missed. Now, with the Microsoft Office Home & Business suite, can users find a reason to upgrade to the new version?

The suite is all about utilizing new technological trends so users can make their work and processes up-to-date. The five applications – Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, and Outlook – are enhanced with some new features and given several modern tweaks.

The useful enhancements in Microsoft Office Home & Business include cloud services and more gadget support. Users can make use of Microsoft’s SkyDrive, the online storage service that allows saving, sharing, accessing, and editing files anywhere. Custom Office settings can also be saved and used anywhere with each user’s online account. In addition, the new Office has better support not only for keyboards but for other gadgets like pens and touchscreens, making it user-friendly even on mobile devices.

However, some new changes on this suite do not sit well with many users. The installation process has a number of reported issues that hinder the activation and usage of the software itself. Some users also complain about the new interfaces of the applications, claiming that the makeover makes the programs somewhat confusing to use.

All in all, the Microsoft Office Home & Business is simply the basic suite, modernized. As with most changes, this modernization may cause a level of disruption to what users have gotten used to, and it is up to Microsoft to smooth this out in time for the next upgrades. As for the users, this new suite may take a little adjusting, but the enhancements are definitely something worth getting used to.