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Making University Life Easier with Microsoft

Entrance into a university is as cutthroat as living through it. With the competitive generation of twenty-something individuals aspiring to “make it” in this world, productivity throughout university life plays an important role in nailing a degree. With this in mind, a student should be armed with the best tools in dealing with the requirements of his or her chosen course.

One of the biggest norms in completing the years of education is the submission of what may seem to be endless paperwork, note-taking, presentation-making, and research. The existence of these responsibilities among students has always been considered tedious work, and its difficulty has not escaped the eyes of technology big wigs for making life easier. Armed with the knowledge of student needs, many computer companies have sought means of creating applications that will aid the learner in completing these essential years with ease.

Microsoft, one of today’s principal software companies, recognizes this need for individuals making their way through college. Being a pioneer in office application development and software credibility, Microsoft has made its mark in producing the top ranked Microsoft Office Suite, which is being used in all fields worldwide. Ever evolving with software updates and upgrades to newer versions, it now takes a higher road by offering the well-known application to the student market with Microsoft Office 365 University.

Possessing the similar features as its mother software, Microsoft Office 365 Home Premium, the latest offering of the company for students and faculty provides an affordable alternative for office applications. Equipped with its principal programs such as Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, Microsoft Office 365 University surpasses its commonality by utilizing not only local access to the said products but also by utilizing online access, and multi-device installation.

Contrary to previous developments of the Office program, the Office University model enables the individual make use of other means to access the work being done from anywhere and at any convenient time. With the creation of a free Microsoft account online, the consumer can make use of Skydrive, Microsoft’s file hosting service which allows up to 27GB of storage, or and Office on Demand, to store and retrieve program outputs. This progress permits users to get hold of work that has been left off by simply logging in from any device, be it in the University or in the comfort of the student’s home. Apart from easy access, the purchase of Microsoft Office 365 University comes with two licenses valid for four years, allowing the consumer to install the software in two devices, giving more gadget options for the individual.

Microsoft has indeed set the bar high for office functionality, and with its vision directed towards consumers of all ages, it proves to be user-friendly, saving users from complicated technological advances. As Microsoft Office 365 University makes it mark in today’s modern age, one can breeze through university with the convenience that is solely Microsoft’s.