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“So little time, so much to do” is perhaps one of the most often heard catch phrases among individuals who have taken part in the workforce. When one has little of the time to finish a report, review a presentation, or perhaps is in need to take down important matters without using a pen and paper, the most common setbacks encountered are the platform to work on existing tasks and the accessibility of the outputs made. Nowadays, there is greater advantage when everything one needs is within reach, regardless of location, time, or even the device.

For years, the development of Microsoft Office has paved the way for convenient production of documentations, presentations, note-taking, and the tabulation of both quantitative and qualitative data. As society continues to live in an era of desktop computers, laptops, tablets, and multi-functional mobile devices, it isn’t so surprising that one of the world’s leading computer application developers continues to revolutionize the way things can be accomplished today.

Enter Microsoft Office 365 Home Premium – Microsoft Windows’ pioneer application has put on a brand new game face set to transform the standards of software services. Dubbed as “the office in the cloud,” it enables its users to easily connect, organize, share, and retrieve files from anywhere and at any given time. With its latest interface, subscribers are able to access Office’s latest versions of its flagship applications namely, Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Access, Publisher, and OneNote, as well as one’s personalized Office settings in any device. Additionally, the new program also utilizes online platforms for the convenience of individuals to store, retrieve, and edit outputs through Microsoft’s, Skydrive or Office on Demand, making it easier to pick up the work where it was left off even away from one’s own desk.

The new look of Microsoft Office 365 Home Premium not only allows the public a more productive working style but it has also invested on providing the hassle-free tools to organize a user’s calendar, email, or task-list, and also enabling free phone calls in numerous countries through Skype. With a minimal yearly subscription fee, the software also allows installation of its program for up to five devices, making it suitable for family or office use.

With the birth of Microsoft Office 365 Home Premium, it is much easier to polish one’s work and at the same time, organize the lifestyle of busy bodies. Defying the limits of accessibility and functionality, its development is surely a step head in software ingenuity.