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Microsoft Excel comes with a whole lot of improved features making it a breeze to work with

The updated version of Microsoft Office has been officially unveiled on January 29, 2013 and here we shall see in brief the changes brought about in Microsoft Excel 2013.

The improved features of Microsoft Excel 2013

As soon as you open the new version of Excel you will be surprised by the brand new look it shows off. It offers a cleaner look and apart from this it has been designed to get your results with a more professional look.

The new Excel has several improved features adding to its functionality making work with spreadsheets much easier. Excel has now gathered more feathers in its cap, what with the enhanced insert and track data, more advanced graphical enhancement and SkyDrive which facilitates hassle free sharing! All of the new features help to draw you away from a maze of numbers and move you towards more persuasive pictures representing your data in an interesting manner.

Some of the top features of the new Microsoft Excel 2013

  • This format gets you started in no time since the templates do most of the set-up and design work for you and this leave more time for you to focus on the main data. As soon as you open Excel 2013 you get to see templates for several aspects such as budgets, reports, forms, calendars and several others.
  • The new Quick Analysis tool in Excel 2013 helps you analyze your data instantaneously converting your data into a chart or table in just a couple of steps.
  • Flash Fill is an amazing feature that acts like a data assistant completing the work for you as soon as it detects what you wish to do. This wonderful feature can fill out an entire column of data in just a flash, following the pattern recognized in the data, leaving you gaping open mouthed truly awed by it all!
  • Chart recommendations, another new feature introduced in Microsoft Excel 2013, recommends the best suitable charts for your data. You will be able to take a quick look at how your data is visualized through various charts and then pick the one you like best.
  • Slicers, initially introduced in Excel 2010, has been used as an interactive way to filter PivotTable data but now in Excel 2013, it is capable of filtering data in Excel tables, query tables and the other data tables as well.
  • One workbook, one window is a new concept introduced in Excel 2013; each workbook now has its own window and this makes it convenient to work on two workbooks or two monitors simultaneously much easier.

New functions possible with Microsoft Excel

  • Saving and sharing files online
  • You can embed worksheet data in a web page to share part of your worksheet enabling others to work with the data in Excel Web App or open the embedded data in Excel.
  • By installing Lync you will be able to connect and share a workbook in an online meeting, be it smartphone, PC or a tablet.
  • You can save to and open files in the new Strict Open XML Spreadsheet file format that enables you to read and write ISO8601 dates for resolving leap year issue for the approaching 1900.

With a lot more such wonderful features Microsoft Excel is making the users truly happy!