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Have you ever thought or tried making your own app design and launch it on a browser? Well, if you haven’t, Microsoft Access 2013 can help you. There are a lot of web developers and programmers nowadays who earn well by creating software, programs, or applications and sell these to companies at a really high price. Learning URLs, HTMLs and Java is too much to handle, especially for people who are not computer-savvy. So, how can a beginner make his own app?

Microsoft Access 2013 is software that was developed to serve not only as your personal web-based database, but the other people’s as well. Through Access, you can create an app that can keep track of certain information, like contacts and projects among different people. This application will be a Sharepoint app, which can be managed and organized by you and your team. The team has three levels – the designer, the author and the readers; each has their own specific tasks. The designer is the one responsible for designing the application, which includes formatting of tables and general layouting. The author is responsible for writing the content and has the power to edit the content but not the design. The reader can only read the existing data.

How can you make a beautiful and useful app out of Microsoft Access 2013? In starting your app, you can either choose a template or create your own. A wizard is present to walk you through the steps. In creating your own, you will be asked to create tables where you will put all your data. These data could be names, contact numbers, profile, and so on. You can also import these data from other Office programs, like Excel or Word. If you don’t want too much data on your app, you can create a link to these data from Excel, Outlook, SharePoint list and others.

The app that you have created works like other apps in some ways. The AutoComplete control feature works like a search box. An example is typing a name and the name matching the letters you have typed appears. It also has a drill-through link feature that displays a set of information regarding a link that you have selected. An example is the display of the publisher, the authors and the edition (set of information) of a book title (link) that you have selected.

Microsoft Access 2013 makes you go beyond just simple sharing of information with your team. It lets you share bulks of information that other storage sites can’t handle. With Access, business, projects and teamwork are just one click away.