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McAfee All Access 2015 – Protects 5 devices ! Complete household protection.

McAfee Debuts All Access Antivirus Program

McAfee has just announced the release of the McAfee All Access Individual 2013 & McAfee All Access Household 2013 collectively known as the McAfee All Access. This bundle allows the installation of the antivirus software into all of the computers in a particular household. They have varying degrees of protection which can be customized depending on the computer that the program was installed on.

The McAfee All Access Individual 2013 & McAfee All Access Household 2013 or the McAfee All Access is an antivirus program which can be installed in a private or family computer. This program supports the Windows, Android, and Mac OS. All Access Household aims to protect devices from viruses which may be triggered by children. It has full parental control as well as password protection on all of the sensitive data and programs. McAfee All Access Individual has a much more intense protection plan. This program allows users to fully customize their protection plan and add password protection to all of their files and folders. Aside from this, there is also an anti-bot and antiphishing software to prevent the entry of spyware and other malware. Both of these antiviruses have full access to McAfee’s regular updates as well as having the full protection plan upon installation.

McAfee Inc. is a subsidiary of Intel Corporation which attributes to their broad knowledge regarding computers and its possible threats. They have a program known as Global Threat Intelligence which tracks emerging threats and allows their company to create antivirus programs even before the virus has been released.