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  • Supports InDesign CS6 Mac and Windows

What is Markzware PUB2ID?

Pub2ID is a plugin that lets users open and convert Microsoft Publisher documents quickly in Adobe InDesign. It also provides an easy, affordable, and quick way for users to transfer data from Microsoft Publisher to InDesign. Because of this, there is no more need for users to create documents from scratch again.

Pub2ID can give you a huge head-start on the conversion of data from Microsoft Publisher to Adobe InDesign. This plugin supports Adobe InDesign CS6 and converts Microsoft Publisher 2002 to 2010. It is very easy to use and install. It even provides a quick ROI or return on investment. It actually preserves intellectual property investment.

In addition, this plugin allows for easy migration of data. It eliminates time re-creating content and reduces costs re-creating content. It also allows users to select an authoring system. File conversion can start with just one click, and with the use of InDesign File > Open menu. It can translate complex content details within the Microsoft Publisher document and immediately re-create it within Adobe InDesign.

The items that can be converted from Microsoft Publisher to Adobe InDesign include color models, positioning, page size, styles and fonts, tables and attributes, text flow, text wrap, linked text boxes, and layers. Automatic extraction of images that are embedded in the Microsoft Publisher file can be converted as well.

Every Desktop Publishing application has its own unique method of graphical representation and text rendering. Thus, some graphical elements and text flow cannot be a hundred percent clear, depending on the usage of tracking, custom kerning, leading, effects, and graphic formatting. Rework may be required, so all the converted documents have to be proof-read.

Then again, you should take note that Pub2ID is not a stand-alone application. It is an Adobe InDesign plugin, so the manufacturers have limited control over files being saved or watermarked. If you want to know how your Microsoft Publisher files will look like, you can download the Pub2ID User Guide.