Learning, Loving, Living Language Korean!

With the increasing popularity of Hallyu or Korean Wave in the Western world, more and more people have become interested in learning the Korean language. Whether for school, job applications, or simply the need to understand Korean pop song lyrics, people want to learn the language fast and efficiently.

Living Language Korean (Complete Edition) is catering to this specific need. It is a set of language education products that provide lessons in learning the Korean language using the Living Language Method™. Living Language Method™ follows a four-step path in teaching languages. It focuses on building a strong foundation in learning by teaching students to immediately start speaking useful basic terms and phrases. It then proceeds to teaching important daily sentences that build upon previous lessons; thus making the learner more confident. Thirdly, it uses recall exercises that allows students to apply and retrieve the learned language first from short term and eventually to long term memory throughout the learning process. Through all these, the language learners’ Korean reading and speaking abilities will develop not only by rote memorization. Eventually the learner will be achieving the goal of being fluent in Korean.

Included in each purchase of the Living Language Korean Complete Edition are three books encompassing 47 language lessons on syntax, grammar and writing exercises, and nine CDs narrating Korean vocabulary, audio exercises, and sample dialogues. It also includes free access to the Korean Online Learning Language lab that allows one to participate in interactive games, view flashcards on Korean lessons, and test out ones learning progress through quizzes.

Another helpful benefit that users can enjoy is the option to download the Living Language Korean Mobile Apps. It creates another dimension in the learning process as it allows students to browse content and learn while being on the go.

The Korean language has long been considered a relatively difficult language to learn by most people since it is a phonetic language and has a different alphabet. However, this slight trouble is greatly reduced in Living Language Korean Complete Edition as it already includes a separate book for learning and writing Hangeul (the Korean alphabet).

For those wanting the nitty-gritty on language learning, you would also be happy to know that romanization of Hangeul words or characters are not used in the intensive to advanced portions of the Living Language Korean Complete Edition course books. This definitely helps in providing consistency in the learning process and in avoiding mispronunciation or confusion when reading or speaking in Korean.

So now, it’s never too late to start learning and loving the Korean language, the Living Language way.