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Let’s Learn German! The Living Language Way

Learning the German language or any new language as an adult can be a daunting task. It will require much more effort and time to achieve desired results compared to when you learned your first and native language. However, with the advent of new technology and more advanced application of linguistic knowledge, learning German can be easier and more fun.

In order to simplify this process of acquiring a new language, Living Language has come up with the unique Living Language Method™ that allows learners to gain knowledge of languages without the need for constant memorization.

Learning German has never been this convenient with Living Language German Complete Edition. Previous and current users of the language program have sung praises for the level of retention acquired when studying using this learning tool.

Each Living Language German Complete Edition set will include audio CDs, books and an online learning access. The course book feature allows learners to focus on 46 language lessons covering topics from reading, vocabulary, sentence construction and syntax. It also features CDs where the lessons are narrated by native German speakers to ensure accurate language pronunciation and intonation. This is a convenient additional benefit since it that allows learners to listen to the audio lessons and dialogue drills while they are in a long commute or flight.

Various learners also point out the free online learning feature which allows them to study in their computers or laptops during their chosen times. The online component is a significant addition to the benefits of the Living Language German Complete Edition since it provides other modes of presenting the lessons through games, flashcards and illustrations.

Another best feature is the option to the download the Living Language German Complete Edition App in your iPhones or iPads. This is another added value especially in language learning because it allows the learner to take the matter of studying in his/her own hand wherever or whenever.

Whether ones purpose for studying German is for school, for a summer trip in Europe, for studying the language for pleasure, or for a work stint in Germany, the Living Language Method™ will help ensure that the things you have learned will not be forgotten easily. Genuine acquisition of language skills from short term memory to storage in one’s long term memory is what makes the Living Language German Complete Edition effective and different from other learning systems. Now, you never have to worry about forgetting the simplest way to say “Good Morning!” in German. (It’s’ Guten Tag’, by the way.)