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Right now, you can get 50% OFF the first month of LifePlan or try LivePlan for 60 days and get a 100% refund if you’re not satisfied.

When you sign up for the annual plan you can save almost 42% over the monthly fee. LivePlan can easily accommodate any industry and has over 500 sample plans built in to help you along the way. Whether for a small or mid-sized business, freelancer, non-profit, or literally any industry sector from high-tech to real estate to salon and spa, LivePlan’s web-based application can help anyone create winning business plans quickly and easily.

Securing funding from investors for a start up almost always requires a comprehensive business plan. But a business plan is not just about funding. A well designed business plan also lays out the operational infrastructure of your business and provides a road map of your business strategies, budgeting and revenue goals and also performance tracking benchmarks.

You will have access to all the tools needed to create an accurate, complete, great-looking business plan. LivePlan’s cloud-based platform provides easy-to-follow instructions, helpful advice, and over 500 sample business plans to create a business plan that will stand out to lenders, investors, and in business plan competitions.

What Is LivePlan by Palo Alto Software?

Looking for software that can assist you with writing a professional business plan? You might want to try the LivePlan by Palo Alto Software. LivePlan is a computer program that is known to help people create a professional plan with built-in help, expert advice, and over 500 business plan samples.

LivePlan offers a line of essential tools to make great-looking, accurate, and complete business plan. You can choose from 10 professional document themes each one having qualities that can help you impress investors, lenders, and are also perfect for business plan competitions. Another great feature that LivePlan offers is a set of forecasting tools that can assist you with your business computations such as your profit, deficit, and any other financial projections. This feature has built-in formulas making it easier for you to do your calculations and get the answers you need in no time.

You have the option to display the results of your computations through the built-in automatic charts that LivePlan has. You can even build your own one-page infographic that you can share with your co-business owners, investors, lenders, or business advisers. Creating a one-page pitch allows you to give emphasis on market problems, company summary, sales channels, solution, target market and segmentation, competitors, market size, and other vital internal and external factors that can affect your business.

People who have already tried this software are pleased with the way LivePlan works. It’s very effective in terms of coming up with your own business plan. They also commended how the Forecasting tools help them make financial sales computations easily and provide accurate results. Users of LivePlan highly recommend this software and they believe that it’s the perfect business software for business people.

In a nutshell, you no longer have to make use of several computer programs just to create your own business plan. LivePlan already has everything you need from forecasting tools to business themes.