Ad-Aware Personal Security to protect your PC and your network safe from threats of known and unknown malware

Ad-Aware Personal Security comes with a comprehensive set of anti-phishing features and with real-time web-filtering technology that safeguards your PC against the threat of phishing attacks and online scams you hear of so often these days; this infuses you with abundant confidence to continue to shop and also conduct your banking transactions online from the haven of your home or office.

This is considered a superswift antivirus engine that works in perfect coordination with the legendary anti-spyware technology that it is built on.

The main advantage of Ad-Aware Personal Security

Here you have two engines working together for blocking malware from traditional viruses and the more heard of spyware threats. Since two engines are working together in perfect coordination you have no conflicts that can slow down the system, as is the case if two engines are running as two separate security programs.

Automatic updates are available through out the day as such you can be at peace that your files and your computer are protected from the ever-growing threats of the web.

Once you get Ad-Aware you will not look at any other security software since this doesn’t slow down your PC.

Here are some of the great features offered by Ad-Aware Personal Security

Files downloaded from the Internet are mostly infested with hidden malicious malware that can expose your PC and your network to tremendous amounts of threat; your highly confidential identity could be stolen or your computer totally damaged. Ad-Aware Personal Security automatically scans all files before they get downloaded on to your hard-drive detecting malware prior to its launching and thus offering great protection.

Automatic threat update feature works continuously keeping your PC protected from the latest forms of malware. And all this updating goes on in the background without causing any interruption to your work.

This security system offers safe browsing for you protecting you all the while by validating a constantly updated list of bad websites and URLs.

Cyber criminals can no longer steal your credit card data or your bank account details, thus you can happily shop online or safely bank online.

Communication through email is increasingly becoming the order of the day and with Ad-Aware Personal Security that can detect email borne threats you can continue with your emails without the least worry.

Networking is no more a hazard; you stay protected against the most hardened malware with Ad-Aware working silently and relentlessly in the background monitoring your network and your system blocking malicious intrusions.

Ad-Aware makes parental control possible to keep your little ones away from negative web content or adult oriented websites; you can prohibit access to such sites and protect your children from unwarranted exposure.

Some of the other marvelous features of Ad-Aware Personal Security

With its legendary Antispyware, Ad-Aware is the most downloaded security world over with its clients continuing to increase by the day.

Real-time protection to stop the malicious process before they can get to infect your files

Pin-Point scanning offers the option to scan only those files or folders you wish to straight from their original location.

The Malware Sandbox Emulator with its emulation technology protects the users from new variants and other unidentified malware.

External storage scan, Advanced Firewall, Digital Lock, and File Shredder are the other great features offered by Ad-Aware Personal Security to help you stay safe on your network always.