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Laplink Sync is one of the software solutions that helps you connect multiple devices. It is normal to have multiple devices where you store your data. If you have more than one PC, or you have Smartphones or tablet or other devices, there are chances that you would want to connect these devices to gain access to all the data or move the data into one place. You may also want to sync data and access data from multiple devices. With the help of the Laplink Sync software, you can easily sync multiple devices. The sync task will be no longer be complicated.

Laplink Sync is the software that will make the device sync easy and simple. Just with few clicks, you can now choose the files and folders that you want to transfer. With the help of the software, you can easily handle the data transfer between multiple devices. The file transfer is so simple, all you need to do is, select the devices and then select the files and folders that you want to share. Syncing multiple devices will help you quickly transfer your files to other devices easily and effortlessly. You can now transfer your photos from your phone to your laptop in some simple clicks.

Here are the features of Laplink Sync:

Multi-device Support

You will have more than one device that you use to store your data. It could be photos, documents, songs or anything for that matter. You store a lot of things on your phone. There are things that you might store on your Tablet. There are files that you might store on your PC. There are times when you need to Synchronize all your devices, and that is when you will need Laplink Sync. Just with few clicks, you can connect and Synchronize Windows PCs, Android Tablets and Smartphones. There are many other devices that are added to the list every day. Over the period of time you will be able to connect all your devices and enjoy file sharing among your devices.

Easy Connectivity

The most important feature of the software is its connectivity. You can easily connect your devices through Bluetooth or across your network without hassles. You need not have any wires to connect your devices. Laplink Sync allows you to connect multiple devices in any fashion. Laplink Sync makes it very easy to connect multiple devices.

Multi-directional Sync

When you sync files and folders, there are possibilities of conflict. There can be conflict between files and folders and that could lead to data loss or error. However, using the Laplink Sync, you can easily conflicts that arise between files and folders. You can choose the files and folders to be sent to a specific device with the help of multi-directional sync technology.


The software has advanced features that allow you to track your files and folders. You will be able to recognize the file history. The sync technology detects if the files were modified and gives you the necessary inputs on file history. This system in Laplink sync clears a lot of conflicts.