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Laplink SafeErase is the one software that can help you in deleting the data completely from your computer. Deleting the data from your computer fully is not always possible. If you use the right tools, you can easily restore the data from your formatted computers. Even though you have completely formatted your computer, your data can be restored and used by people. By using data recovery software, one can easily gain access to your private and confidential data.

However, Laplink SafeErase can help you in protecting our private data and completely erase the data. The software can protect against unauthorized data access. Your confidential data can be kept confidential with the help of SafeErase. All your private data like financial information, emails, or any other files that are confidential can be totally protected. With the help of SafeErase, you can ensure all your private data is permanently erased from your old computer. The software uses some of the toughest and highly advanced technologies to delete your data. The practices that the software uses are the once that are used by the Department of Defense.

Annihilate Data:

The Laplink designed SafeEarse does not only delete the data, but it annihilates the data. You can use the software to delete data on a daily basis. You can also use the software to completely wipe your PC clean for complete protection. If you use the SafeErase software by Laplink, you will be confident that your private information is deleted forever. You can delete all your files and folders permanently and never worry about the data being recovered and misused.

Here are the features that you will enjoy by using the Laplink SafeErase:

Complete Privacy Protection

Privacy is the biggest challenge in the technologically competent world. There are many ways in which people sneak into your private lives. Therefore, protecting your life and your private life is of great importance. With the help of SafeErase, you can securely delete every aspect of your computer and ensure your private data is fully protected from being misused.

Advanced Technology

The thing that can protect your life is technology. There are advanced methods with which you can ensure your private data remains private. Laplink uses advanced methods that the highly secure companies use to protect their data. Laplink uses six different methods to completely eliminate your private and confidential data.

Fast Data Wipe

Laplink uses highly sophisticated methods to delete the data faster. You enjoy tools that will help you completely eliminate the data really fast. Highly advanced data deletion methods are incorporated in the software to give you an edge.

Customized Deletion

You can completely customize the data deletion process. You can choose from a set of pre-defined profiles to delete files and folders. You can create individual profiles that you would like to delete. You will also get full reports on the deleted files and folders. Laplink SafeErase is a complete and easy to use software that can give you total protection from data theft and data misuse.