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Transferring Files with Laplink PCmover Professional

Laplink PCmover Professional is the fastest and easiest way to transfer files from one computer to another. The application, launched in 2012, allows you to transfer all selected files, programs and other settings from an old PC to new one. The app also allows you to transfer files using the internet and by attaching the Laplink Ethernet or USB Cable.

Transferring Options

Laplink PCmover Professional comes with two transferring options you can choose from namely, Drive & Image Assistant and Upgrade Assistant (for Windows 8 users).

The Drive & Image Assistant option allows you to restore files, programs and settings from a decade-old drive while the Upgrade Assistant is beneficial for Windows 8 (as well as its earlier versions) users since it automatically restores all your files, programs, settings, and other applications.

Pre-Transfer Checklist

Before using Laplink PCmover Professional, here are items that need to be completed or addressed by your PC. This is done to avoid any discrepancies while transferring.

  • Review applications of PC – Transferring apps while they are running on your PC is a big no!
  • New Internet Explorer apps – The new PC should be installed with updated version of IE for faster transferring.
  • New Windows versions – If the new PC has the old windows version, check out your Local Disk to see which files and/or programs must be deleted.
  • Utilization of hard disk space – The hard drive on your new PC must have more space than the one from your old PC.
  • Permission from administrators – In several operating systems, you need to seek permission from PC administrators before transferring.
  • PCmover Installation – Once you completed the checklist, PCmover must be 100% installed in both your old and new PC.

Take note that the transferring performance provided by PCmover might take a long time, depending on the size of hard drive/s or amount of data.